Actual temperature : 17.9 oC
current humidity : 40 %

The Town

Karpacz is a typical mountain town, situated at the foot of Śnieżka Mountain in Karkonosze region, in Łomnica valley and its tributaries. That area includes the most attractive eastern part of mountain ridge. The town is situated in not a very wide and steep Łomnica valley, at the altitude ranging from 480 to 885 meters above the sea level. The main street extending through 7 kilometers up to Bierutowicka pass at the altitude of 820 meters, is the axis of the area.


Karpacz - foto Wojciech Cyganek

The history of Karkonosze is presented in Sports and Tourism Museum of Karkonosze region (situated in the centre of the town) exhisting from 1974. Its exhibition acquaints us with places of pagan cult, search of treasuers in Karkonosze by miners and activity of laboratory assistants and herbalists. The collection of dolls and toys of a dead founder of Wrocław mime theatre – Henryk Tomaszewski is displayed in Municipal Toy Museum in Upper Karpacz. However, the main trumps of this area is sports and tourism. Great weather and terrain conditions (snow layer in Karpacz lingers for 95 days in a year) are the reason why Karpacz is a sports centre, a climatic station and a starting point of many tourist trails. Being situated as far as 110 kilometers form the capital of Lower Silesia – Wrocław, Karpacz is also a leisure centre. It has wide variety of accommodation (over 11.000 places) of high standard and varied prices, ranging from youth hostels to luxurious hotels. With a great catering service, Karpacz is a great place all year round for both individual tourists as well as groups.