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A dam reservoir, crest and picturesque cascades of Łomnica.

Łomnica is one of the wildest and most dangerous rivers in the Giant Mountains. In the upper course of the river the elevation drop is 72 per mille, while in its lower course it is seven times lower. Even in middle ages the river bed and its valley was searched by Walloons for gold and precious stones. 

Łomnica can be capricious and treacherous. During the flood in 1897 it destroyed many houses, roads, farms and the railway line.  As part of the extensive flood programme of Prussia, over the period 1910-1915 the river bed was regulated on many sections.  Anti-rubble dams were formed to stop the material transported by river during flood. The efficiency of the system was tested during the 1997 Central European Floods. 

The crest of the dam is 105 m long. It formed a small dam reservoir and water excess falls down creating a picturesque waterfall. 


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