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The stone anti-rubble dam and the waterfall on Łomnica River.

The Wild Waterfall (Dziki Wodospad) is located close to the lower station of the Kopa chair lift. It was created as a result of accumulation of water of Łomnica River and its name refers to the nature of the river.

Łomnica River finds its source at an altitude of 1407 m.a.s.l. The Plateau under Śnieżka (Równina pod Śnieżką) is the river spring area. Huge elevation drop in the upper course of the river in combination with heavy rain and intensive snowmelt many time have led to severe floods.  The destructive power was particularly visible during 19th century. A cloudburst in the mountains and accumulation of water in 1816 resulted in terrible destruction in Jelenia Góra Valley, and the total amount of damage was 109 496 thalers. Twenty-eight years later, a huge avalanche came down to the Great Pond (Wielki Staw) crashing ice and displacing the water to such degree that it produced a wave on the river which carried broken ice, uprooted trees, boulders, stones and massive amount of water. The wave was destroying everything on its way.

Flood in 1897 was particularly tragic. After that the authorities made a decision to build protecting reservoirs. The Dam, called today the Wild Waterfall, was completed in years 1910 - 1915. The Dam together with other structures of this type, proved effective during the 'millennial flood' in 1997. 


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